Remove a Tree Stump

Winter is the perfect time to clear your Garden in preparation for the Spring. Plants and hedges are generally leaf free and this gives you the perfect opportunity to see the potential of your garden.

Moving plants is relatively simple, removing tree stumps is more challenging.

You can engage a tree surgeon to do this for you, or you can try it yourself with a stump grinder, mini excavator or digging it out by hand.

There are lots of videos on YouTube and a handy guide on RHS site How to Remove a Tree Stump – RHS Site

The question left is then what do you do with your tree stump, we are all aware that burning wood just to get rid of it is not great for the environment, we at Crapper and Sons can help.

Crapper House Clearance can also clear your garden of unwanted items, old tools, BBQs, timber, fencing and tree stumps to name a few. Please see our website

All wooden items will be recycled on site where we will put them through a number of shredding machines, separate out any metals, glass etc, break down the wood down to about 6cm and create Grade C waste wood ready for a Biomass plant.

We support two Biomass plants, where the wood generates electricity and is exported to the grid.

We offer a flexible service; our team can remove all your waste for you or we can drop off some dumpy bags for you to fill and we can come along later and pick it up and recycle it for you.

If you would like to ask for a quote or book our team, please call 01793 853998.

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