Sustain Cardboard Horse Bedding

If you are looking for an environmentally friendly, comfy, dust-free and a really absorbent bedding for your horse, please try our Sustain 20mm shredded cardboard horse bedding.
It’s absorbent, so it’s easier for you to clean up your muck, you will have smaller muck heaps because the cardboard will bind the muck and urine together and it will break down quicker in your muck heap.
If you just use our cardboard in your muck heap, we can come and clear it away for you if you wish.
Call today on 01793 853998 to buy a bale or pallet load. At only £6 for a 20kg bale, we think it offers great value for money.
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Don’t get caught out by rogue traders who fly tip your waste

Don’t get caught out by rogue traders who fly tip your waste.
Through lockdown Wiltshire Council like many around the country have seen an increase in fly tipping in country lanes.
Councils then have to clear this waste when it’s on the public highway, if the waste is dumped on private land, then it’s the responsibility of the land owner to clear the waste.
All waste is inspected and if the original owner can be identified then Wiltshire Council will take the home owner to court and Fixed Penalty Notice will be issued if the rogue trader cannot be identified.
We are your local waste management experts:
– We guarantee to just use our own teams
– We guarantee to bring your waste back to our site
– We guarantee to recycle your waste
We have a really flexible service, you choose between:
– Booking our team to come and clear your waste away for you.
– Request some of our dumpy bags, you fill them up with your waste and we will pick them up later, or
– If you have a large amount of hardcore or soil then call us to book our 10 tonne Grab lorry.
We have the right option for you.Don’t get caught out by rogue traders
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Get ready for the Easter Holidays

With the mini heat wave this week, I’m sure you will be in the garden like many others trimmings, cutting, digging, planting and enjoying the Sun.
We will be busy making more top-quality compost for you.
If you are looking for compost that is made to the highest British Standards Institute PAS 100 level with Quality Protocol certification, 100% Peat-Free and totally recycled with £5 discount for every bag, please buy online at and use voucher code JOIN5FB.
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Clear your Garden waste

The sun is out and so are the farmers trimming their hedges before the nesting season.

The weather for the weekend and next week looks to be warmer, so if you are venturing into your garden to start getting ready for spring, you might be thinking about trimming your hedges and shrubs.

The question then is what to do with all that those trimmings.

You could compost some parts, shred small woody stems with a machine to use for mulching or if you have the space and time create a dead hedge which would provide a refuge for wildlife and be beneficial for biodiversity in your garden.

If you don’t have the time or space and just want to recycle it with a company you can trust, we can help.

We offer a flexible service; our team can remove all your waste for you or we can drop off some dumpy bags for you to fill and we can come along later and pick it up and recycle it for you.

If you would like to ask for a quote or book our team, please call 01793 853998.

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Remove a Tree Stump

Winter is the perfect time to clear your Garden in preparation for the Spring. Plants and hedges are generally leaf free and this gives you the perfect opportunity to see the potential of your garden.

Moving plants is relatively simple, removing tree stumps is more challenging.

You can engage a tree surgeon to do this for you, or you can try it yourself with a stump grinder, mini excavator or digging it out by hand.

There are lots of videos on YouTube and a handy guide on RHS site How to Remove a Tree Stump – RHS Site

The question left is then what do you do with your tree stump, we are all aware that burning wood just to get rid of it is not great for the environment, we at Crapper and Sons can help.

Crapper House Clearance can also clear your garden of unwanted items, old tools, BBQs, timber, fencing and tree stumps to name a few. Please see our website

All wooden items will be recycled on site where we will put them through a number of shredding machines, separate out any metals, glass etc, break down the wood down to about 6cm and create Grade C waste wood ready for a Biomass plant.

We support two Biomass plants, where the wood generates electricity and is exported to the grid.

We offer a flexible service; our team can remove all your waste for you or we can drop off some dumpy bags for you to fill and we can come along later and pick it up and recycle it for you.

If you would like to ask for a quote or book our team, please call 01793 853998.

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Plant a hedge in your garden

When redesigning your garden or land, you have a number of options when creating a border, a brick wall, wooden fence or you could plant a natural mixed hedge.

Look and cost varies between each option, but the cheapest by a long way and best for the environment would be to plant a hedge.

You can plant a hedge from early autumn to late winter, its vigorous work preparing the soil so you will not be cold outside, even with the east wind blowing.

The RHS website is full of information and has an excellent page covering how to plant a hedge RHS ink to planting a hedge

Your hedge will grow quickly and not only look good, but provide a wonderful ecosystem for animals, birds and insects. In towns this is really important as a mixed hedge will provide an excellent food source and bring many visitors to your garden.

Having the right soil with excellent nutritional balance will support and enhance your hedge growth. At Mr Crapper’s Potting Shed, our compost is made from 100% recycled green materials, creating a product high in vital nutrients without the need to add peat.

We will not be beaten on price and deliver free to our local Community.

Please look at our website to see our full selection of products If you are looking to complete a job in the garden, we have the products for you.

Either buy online or please give us a call on 01793 853998 so we can then arrange a convenient time for your delivery.

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How to get rid of your waste legally

If you are looking to tidy up the house or garden, getting rid of the unwanted items can always be a concern.

It is the owners responsibility to ensure their waste is recycled legally, not all clearance services have the correct waste carrier licence, so if they tip your waste you can be found responsible and fined.

Wiltshire, like many Councils across the UK has seen an increase in tipping through 2020, so are targeting fly tippers, please click on this link to understand what they are planning

We at Crapper and Sons have been in the waste industry for over 30 years and are renowned for our reliability and professionalism. We offer a totally flexible service; from sending a team in to clear everything in your garden or house, to providing you with our convenient dumpy bags for you to fill and then us to pick up and recycle as much as we can.

By using Crapper and Sons you have the confidence to know your waste will not be tipped and we will try our hardest in recycling your waste. Approximately 66% of all waste we receive is recycled.

If you would like to ask for a quote or book our team, please call 01793 853998.

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Lockdown 3 – We are open to support our clients

With the beginning of Lockdown 3. for the UK, Crapper and Sons are here to support you.

We will remain open and servicing our clients and continue to manage our site and receive waste. As you would expect, we will recycle as much as we can.

We will continue to support our local Community by delivering our products to you free of charge.

If you are looking to complete a job outside, we have the products for you.

To see our full selection of aggregates please visit our website please give us a call on 01793 853998 to arrange a convenient time for your delivery.

We offer a flexible service to all our customers, you can either collect your products or we can deliver what you need in a convenient dumpy bag or loose for those larger jobs. You choose what is best for you.

We know this will be a difficult time for many people, please stay safe and look after each other.

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Christmas & New Year Opening times 2020

Crapper and Sons will remain open to support our business clients this Christmas.

We will only be shut on Christmas Day, Boxing Day (26th only) and New Year’s Day.

Call us on 01793 853998 if you want to discuss access to our site over the Christmas period.

The team at Crapper and Sons would like to thank you for your support through 2020 and wish you all a happy Christmas with your families.

Please stay safe

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Wiltshire Business Awards 2018 – Multiple Award Winners!

During January 2018 we were approached by the Swindon Advertiser to enter the 2018 Business Awards. The Business awards have been running for over 20 years throughout which a comprehensive process has been developed to assess local businesses.

The first step included the application of categories you wished to enter. This was followed by gathering information about the company how it evolved, what it does and where it all happens. We were asked about the business finances, development Strategy, our group structure, number of employee’s, recruitment, involvment in the community, our greatest successes and plans for the future.

We then received an invitation to meet the judges and talk to the sponsors of this event. At this point they had already read our application so had some insight to what all the businesses were about although this was an opportunity for them to find out more about us and the business we represent. It was also a chance for us to meet and network with other successful businesses. This was a very friendly and informal event and a pleasure to attend.

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